Reform Council Puts Properties on Notice


The Reform City Council made decisions regarding two properties in the city at the council’s first meeting this month, held August 7. Mayor Bennie Harton and the city’s building inspector went to a mobile home which had been so neglected, “We were afraid to go in,” Harton told the council. “The door was open, but trees had grown to the door so, we really couldn’t enter the building.”

The inspector told Harton he needed something to go by in order to place a condemn notice on the property. After speaking with City Clerk Annette Maughn, Harton presented a sample of an official condemnation notice to the council.

“A couple of things stood out to me,” said Harton. “First, it says, ‘This notice shall require the owner to demolish and remove the building or structure within 60 days.’ I also noticed if they refuse to comply, ‘the building official, after having ascertained the cost, shall cause such building or structure or a portion thereof to be demolished, secured, or required to be maintained. The cost incurred shall be charged to the owner of the premises and shall be collected in the manner provided by law.’ I wanted the council to look at this and see if this is something we want to adopt.”

“Well, I think we’re going to have to do something on some of these old houses and things sitting around because one of these days, probably, one of them is going to be sitting by us,” said Councilwoman Pat Wheat. “And we’d want something done.”

“There is another one at second street,” Wheat added.

“There’s several around,” said Reform Chief of Police Richard Black. “You don’t have to look too far to find it. You are going to have to have some sort of plan.”

“Yeah, we’ve got to have something,” remarked Councilman Malcolm Giles. “Eventually it is going to be in your neighborhood and your house value is going to go down.”

Wheat suggested sending a warning letter to the property owner first.

“Like we do the grass cutting?” asked Maughn.

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