Inside the Statehouse

Prisons Issue - Front/Center

By Steve FlowersGuest Columnist

Folks, taking care of prisoners is not a popular political issue.  However, every so often Alabama politicians pragmatically have to acquiesce to the mandates of federal judges and grant our transgressing citizens their rights as determined by the courts.

Who will take Doug Jones out next year?

By Steve FlowersGuest Columnist

It is a foregone conclusion that a Republican will take out our anomaly liberal democratic senator, Doug Jones, next year.  The question is which Republican will be the nominee and capture the seat.

The early favorite is U.S. Congressman Bradley Byrne.  There is an old adage that often holds true, the early bird gets the worm.

Host of young, female lobbyists have taken over the Statehouse

By Steve FlowersGuest Columnist

As I observe the legislature, it occurs to me that I am getting older.  A lot of the legislators and lobbyists I have known over the years have moved on.

Montgomery is no longer an “Old Boys Club.”  A cursory look at a typical day at the Alabama Statehouse would surprise you.  An increasing number of professional women are a major part of the lawmaking process.  There are a host of brilliant women under 40 who are at the forefront and yield a great deal of influence over the process of policy making in Alabama.

State Budgets: Priority Number One

By Steve FlowersGuest Columnist

After their successful special five-day Special Session, the Legislature has been in their Regular Session for a few weeks now.  The Session will end in June so it is about one-fourth over.  Almost one-third of the members are new, freshmen if you will.  Even though they are, for the most part a bright and talented group, they are still wet behind the ears when it comes to legislative ways.

Rural roads need fixing

By Steve Flowers, Guest Columnist

Last week we talked about the importance that roads are to the economic development of our state.  We spoke about urban growth and expansion, especially the needs for highways in Huntsville and the improvement of the Port in Mobile.

Alabama Leads the Way with Female Government Leadership: Kay Ivey, Katie Britt, and Twinkle Cavanaugh

By Steve FlowersGuest Columnist

There has been a lot of talk about the advancement of women in politics over the past year.  It has been suggested that more progressive states have led the way with this change. Alabama can very well make the case that we lead the nation in women taking leadership roles in our state.

It is very doubtful that any state in the nation can claim a female governor and a female chief executive of their states leading business organization.