A’ville Passes Trucker Resolution to Support Ordinance


Aliceville city attorney, John Russell III, drew up a resolution regarding the city ordinance which prevents semi-trucks from parking in certain areas within city limits. Since the resolution is not written as an ordinance, it was not required, according to City Clerk Dineki McCaa, to be read in the city council’s open meeting October 10. However, the Pickens County Herald has obtained a copy. The resolution reads as follows:

Resolution of the City Council of the City of Aliceville Establishing a Designated Area Where Semi-Trucks/Tractor-Trailers Can Park Within the City Limits

Whereas, the City Council of the City of Aliceville has previously passed ordinances prohibiting the parking of semi-trucks and trailers, also known as 18-wheelers (hereinafter sometimes referred to as “vehicle”) in certain areas within the limits of the City of Aliceville; and

Whereas, the City is continuing to have issues with these vehicles and/or their cargo being parked in unauthorized areas in violation of the law; and

Whereas, the City recognizes the need for a designated area to park semi-trucks and trailers within the city limits; and

Whereas, the City owns a space which will provide parking, subject to the hereinafter conditions, so as not to violate the law;

Now, therefore, be resolved by the city council of the city of Aliceville as follows:

A. There is availability for a limited amount of semi-trucks and trailers in the Street Department parking lot located on Highway 17 South in the City of Aliceville (this being the old Cotton Mill parking lot).

B. The City will issue parking permits on a first come, first served basis as space is available to those owners of such vehicles to park within the confines of the City Street Department parking lot. The City will charge a $300.00 quarterly fee for a parking permit in this area. The permits will be issued at City Hall and the holder shall display their permit on the dashboard or on the windshield of each permitted vehicle.

See complete story in the Pickens County Herald.
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