Reform Council adds discussion of the sewer systems to agenda for next meeting

Council discusses updates on sewer systems in Reform.

By Felicity Holman
News Correspondent

REFORM- On June 21, 2022, the Reform City Council meeting was called to order by Mayor Melody Davis. The council approved of the minutes as well as the payables. In old business, the resolution from June 7, 2022, of the one-time lump sum payment to eligible retirees was tabled by the council for the next appointed meeting. There was no new business or public comments, and the meeting moved on to reports from councilmembers.

“We’re still waiting to see if we’ll be receiving the grant to pave the roads. If need be then maybe we can get some asphalt just to patch it up, just to fill the spots.” Said Councilmember Richard Richardson.

“I guess if we don’t get that grant then we’ll look more into getting asphalt.” Said Mayor Davis.

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