A’ville Council Passes Budget Amidst Apprehension


After the Aliceville City Council failed to pass the city’s 2018-2019 budget at their last meeting on September 26, Mayor Marva Gipson was determined to see the budget pass at the council’s next meeting, October 10. It was quickly apparent Councilman Terrence Windham would not be pushed into a vote so easily.

A motion to pass the budget was made by Councilman Max Allen and seconded by Councilman Thomas Wilkins. When asked if there was discussion, Windham spoke of his concerns.

“On the budget that we had, the great budget that was made up and presented by our Mayor, the purpose of city government is to insure the taxpayer’s dollars are well spent,” said Windham.

“I worked on a budget myself using the figures we get each month and the budget that I presented to the council it does just that,” said Windham. ”This budget includes funding for special projects that we have voted on such as the baseball fields, such as improvements in our parks, lights, something that we voted on as well, and also the basketball court we voted on.”

“This (Windham’s) budget creates a great matching fund so that way when we do have budgets or when we do have funds that come in and we need to match them we can have those funds collected from that account,” Windham continued. “But most importantly what I’m kind of glad about this budget is that if we stick to the budget for the next five years and complete our reserve fund we can have over a half million in our reserve fund in five years and one million dollars in 10 years if we stick to our budget. So, if we have emergency expenses we can go and use those funds for that.”

“It’s my hope that the mayor and council will consider the budget that I have proposed to the city so that we can put the city of Aliceville on the continued path of financial independence, not only now, but in our future. We have our firefighters here today and eventually all of us would like to see us have a full-time fire department. But, we can’t have a full-time fire department if we allocate all our money out. So, we need to start making those plans today so in the next three to five years we can start doing the things we know Aliceville can do,” said Windham.

“Thank you for your comments,” said Gipson. “Me and the clerk (City Clerk Dineki McCaa) sat down and worked out a budget based on our finances and spendings from the last fiscal year. And the one (budget) that Councilman Windham worked up is only a few thousand different.”

See complete story in the Pickens County Herald.
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