Santa Makes Emergency Stop in Aliceville

Santa preferred his sunglasses after a bump to the head last Friday afternoon. After a few minutes (and a few cookies), Santa was back to himself and ready to finish preparing for Christmas.


Lively St. Nick had to make an emergency stop at the Aliceville Public Library last Friday afternoon. Apparently, Santa was doing a fly-over to gather coordinates for the many parades scheduled in Pickens County over the next couple of weeks. Rudolf, Santa’s favorite reindeer and GPS, had a malfunction due to some bad reindeer lettuce and ended up in an emergency “crash” landing close to the library.

Library Director, Frances Lewis, heard the clatter and rushed out to see what on earth was the matter. Poor Santa had taken a bump to the head and could not remember who he was! Lewis immediately called Aliceville Police Chief Tonnie Jones to the scene to investigate.

It was determined that although Santa was physically fine, his memories were cluttered. Jones and Lewis called the Pickens County Herald office, hoping questioning Santa might jog some memories and authenticate this was, in fact, the real Santa. After some time, Santa began to remember all the duties and nuances of his station and was verified to be the “real” Santa Claus.

See complete story in the Pickens County Herald.
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