Aliceville Council Hears Recommendations Regarding City Eyesores

The building on 3rd Avenue in Aliceville, formerly a funeral home and a Methodist church, is still waiting either for repair or demolition. The city may file suit against the property owners if some action to alleviate the problem isn’t promptly taken.


As far back as June 27, the Aliceville City Council has been working to get the former funeral home on 3rd Avenue either demolished or repaired by the owners.

In the July 11 issue of the Pickens County Herald, it was reported the city and the city’s attorney, John Russell III, had sent multiple letters requesting a resolution to the obviously progressive dilapidation of the building. The Herald was informed by Russell after the article was published, the owner of the building had contacted Russell in regard to the building. However, it now appears nothing has come from it but words instead of actions.

The Aliceville Planning and Zoning Board met Nov. 13 to discuss various eyesores, public nuisances, and dangerous abandoned buildings in the city. The first on the list was the 3rd Avenue funeral home. Recommendations achieved at that meeting were presented to the Aliceville City Council at the council’s most recent meeting Nov. 28.

Russell informed the council of the board’s recommendations. It was noted the funeral home property is not owned by a corporation but by individuals. “So, were we to get a judgement (from a lawsuit), it would be against them personally, so that might affect your decision,” said Russell.

See complete story in the Pickens County Herald.
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