Annexation a Possible Solution for Expanding Aliceville


Progress is important to any small town. Showing that progress is vital to receiving federal and state grants and promoting the town as an expanding and viable option for new business and new opportunities. This has been the concern for Aliceville Chamber of Commerce Director Edgar Pruitt and City Attorney John Russell III – a solution to expanding the city’s footprint, getting the increase of Aliceville’s population recorded in the census records, and showing future interests of economic growth the viability and increase of the city’s prospects.

At the Aliceville City Council on Nov. 28, Russell presented the council with a proposition involving his own residential property which abuts the city limit line on Highway 14 toward Columbus, Miss. “You see it’s kind of a domino thing,” said Russell. “If I come in, then other (contiguous) properties can come in. The downside is if someone stops.” This would cause the contiguous flow to be interrupted and the annexation will stop in its tracks.

“The law says there has to be an orderly growth pattern,” Russell continued. “I think this is an orderly growth pattern. It is a populated area (the subdivision near the Aliceville Country Club).” It was also mentioned the Baptist Line area of Aliceville was interested in annexation. “We need to bring these people into the city to show we have some growth. Our area has grown, but our population has been static as far as the census is concerned. It will be good for grants, and I’m willing to start it, to start making some orderly growth.”


See complete story in the Pickens County Herald.
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