Reform Votes for Several Improvements

BY GENA HUFF, Correspondent

City park renovations were recently approved by the Reform City Council at their latest meeting. Although no figures or estimates were available for the new sign structure planned for the entrance to the park or the bulb replacement costs for the lights on the baseball fields, there were some updates.

A safe way to get to the bulbs will be needed for the 60-foot height of the poles around the baseball fields. Mayor Bennie Harton said he would have to pursue advice from the Pickens County Board of Education regarding how best to replace the light bulbs.

As for the new park sign, Councilman Charlie Hagan said he had met with Leonard Hudson who owns the metal business from which the new sign will be created. “I have taken him pictures of the current sign that is up there,” said Hagan. “He has also been over here himself and looked at the sign.”

The council wants a four-foot by eight-foot sheet of metal from which the lettering and symbols will be cut using a plasma torch. “He’s trying to find the graphics of something like what’s on there. That’s a pretty nice caricature that’s on the sign now,” Hagan explained. “The rate for cutting is 10 cents an inch for the plasma cutter. I don’t have a price, but he’s promised to get us a price hopefully by this week.”

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