Commission: Property taxes to remain same

BY DOUG SANDERS JR., Correspondent

The Pickens County Commission held an uneventful and brief meeting last Tuesday night, including a delay on a decision about a real property appraiser, no change in property taxes, and a name change for the Sapps Communit Center.

Meeting for about 15 minutes on Feb. 12, the session began with the Commission agreeing to keeping the 2019 property tax rates the same as last year.

Real Property


The only item of business that took any considerable length of time was a submitted request by Revenue Commissioner Michelle Kirk to transfer Virginia Duren from appraisal clerk to real property apprasier, effective Feb. 11.

First, Commissioner Bobby Bain asked the Commission to table the matter until the next meeting. He made a motion to table this agenda item as well as the internal posting for an appraisal clerk. After a few minutes of silence, Commission Chairman Mark Gray asked for a second twice, and when none came, he declared the motion dead for lack of a second.

Gray then asked for a motion on the request to transfer Ms. Duren to real property appraiser. Following a long silence, he looked to the commissioners on his left and right and after no motion was made, no action was taken. Because the request to internally post for an appraisal clerk was tied to the transfer request, the Commission just skipped over that item, with no motion being made.

New Board For Sapps Center

Commissioner Jerry Fitch recognized Rev. James Wright at the meeting as being president of the newly formed Sapps Multi-Purpose Center Inc. County Attorney Tim McCool noted that Rev. Wright and the other members of this new board will likely be at the next Commission meeting for the formal incorporation of this new organization which will oversee the community center in Sapps.

Fitch thanked Rev. Wright and the other board members for their willingness to serve on the new board. “All I’m hearing is positive things,” said Fitch, “after being used to hearing all the negative things,” referring to several reported incidents of unruly behavior at the community center in the past.

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