Mayor: ‘Fuel tax could be good thing for Carrollton’


The Carrollton council began on Thursday, March 7th by discussing a surplus of an old 1-ton pickup truck. Mayor Mickey Walker said he would like for the city to either trade or sell the pickup. Walker said there was also a surplus on an old Army fifth-wheel truck that the council needed to make a motion to trade or sell.

The next order of business was the Dixie Youth fields in Carrollton, as Walker mentioned that the city has been doing a lot of work on the fields and that other teams from neighboring cities had inquired about possibly using the fields this spring.

“We’ve been contacted by several individuals from Gordo and Aliceville wanting to know about practicing on our fields because there’s too many teams in Gordo,” Walker said. “I’d really like for them to have a Carrollton team, but that’s what the park is made for; the kids.”

Walker said if the teams from neighboring cities use the lights and it results in substantially larger power bills, the city of Carrollton would ask them to pay the difference.

“If it starts running the light bill up, they’ll need to pay the difference, because they’re not a Carrollton team,” Walker said.

Carrollton Police Chief Anthony Durrah proposed that the city buy three new computers for the police cars, since several of the computers have went down recently. He said the computers would likely cost $1,600-$2,000 each, but he was going to get several quotes before asking the council to move forward.

“The problem is that we haven’t updated our computers since 2008,” Durrah said. “We’re still able to do what we need to do, as far as our ticket writing and report writing and all, but we started out with six computers and now we’re down to 2 ½. So that’s the kind of shape we’re in right now.”

Walker mentioned the possibility of using the surplus sales to purchase the new computers.

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