Homicide in Aliceville

Daniel Perez, 32, was shot and killed at his residence on Memorial Parkway in Aliceville, June 1. A suspect has not yet been arrested.


Friday night, June 1, between 9 p.m. and 9:30 p.m., an unidentified man shot 32-year-old Daniel Perez once in the chest, with a hand gun, killing him. The homicide occurred at Perez’s residence on Memorial Parkway in Aliceville. Another resident, who was inside during the altercation, went to a nearby store for help. Identification of the assailant has not yet been made public. It is said the intruder was wearing a ski mask and/or hood, and long sleeves. A suspect has not been named.

It is unknown whether the victim knew the shooter or whether the murder was a random act of violence. The homicide is the first in Pickens County this year.

The victim’s body will be returned to his family in Mexico. Perez had been living in Aliceville for some time and had worked at a lumber company nearby.

Pickens County Sheriff David Abston said, “I think it is solvable.” Although law enforcement is not giving details other than basic information, at the time of the Herald deadline, Abston did say they “were working leads.”

“Anything I say at this time would be purely speculation, and I don’t want to hamper the investigation,” said Abston. “I don’t want to speculate on motive.”

The case is being investigated by the Sheriff’s Office, the Aliceville Police Department, and the 24th Judicial Circuit.

As the case is still an ongoing investigation, further details are being withheld until a suspect can be arrested. Both the Sheriff’s office and the Aliceville Police Department are asking for the public’s help with any information as well, whether it be something someone has heard or seen personally or perhaps heard rumored as potential fact. All information is appreciated. “Anytime we have a murder, it’s sad, it’s shocking, we feel compelled by our sworn oath to solve this case. And we want to ask the public’s help. If you’ve heard a rumor or anything please call,” said Abston.

If anyone has any information regarding the murder of Daniel Perez, please contact the Pickens County Sheriff’s Department at (205) 367-2000 or the Aliceville Police Department at (205) 373-2517. You may remain anonymous.

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