Upcoming Budget for Aliceville has Council at Odds


The City of Aliceville’s fiscal year begins October 1, and with it the city’s budget should be in place for the upcoming year. At the council’s July 11 meeting, dispute arose between some members regarding a preliminary budget meeting to work out details of the upcoming budget.

The first item on the agenda was the proposed meeting. “Councilman (Terrance) Windham requested a 2019 budget-planning meeting,” said Mayor Marva Gipson. “That is one of my responsibilities. I’m not quite ready to do that, but when I get ready to iron out the things for the budget, I will contact some of you council members to help me with certain items.”

Gipson stated she did not have the figures to begin working on the budget because of an ongoing computer malfunction in the accounting department.

Although Windham arrived late, apologizing, he explained why he wanted the meeting. “The reason I said the planning committee, is probably for the last three or four months I’ve been trying to get what our last year to this year ratio is,” he said. “And I understand our computer has been down, but ain’t no computer been down for no two or three months. And we can’t get figures so we can know what we need to do for our next fiscal year.”

“I want to come in with a proposed idea,” Windham continued, “meeting on a Tuesday or a Wednesday when we don’t have a council meeting so that way we can see what the estimated figures are so we can go ahead and start planning.”

“There are some projects that you came up with this year,” Windham said to Gipson. “There are projects other council members came up with through this year. In order to do those, we are going to have to know fiscally where we stand. The budget is due on October 1. I want to get together before then so we can figure some plans out.”

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