Carrollton Council Approves More Money for Paving Project


The Carrollton Town Council met for its monthly meeting August 2. Talk was about the improvements taking place in the town and the positive feedback from business owners and residents.

Currently underway, the Alabama Department of Transportation is working on the corners of the Courthouse Square. Eventually, the flow of traffic around the courthouse will return to a one-way street. This means cars coming in on Highway 86 from Gordo will get to take a gander at the Face in the Window and continue around the courthouse instead of going left to get to Highway 17. The lampposts will also be moved back about six feet to hopefully avoid any more collisions and damage.

Some of the grass and sidewalks on the square are retaining damage during the renovations, but Mayor Mickey Walker said the state has assured him it will fix all damages before finalizing the job.

See complete story in the Pickens County Herald.
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