Gordo City Council Helps Out Dixie Youth League


At their meeting on Mar. 12, Gordo Mayor Craig Patterson brought to the attention of the City Council members the help needed by the Dixie Youth Park. “We try to help them every year, and it (the Dixie Youth Season) is about to get kicked off,” said Patterson.

In the most recent disbursement for the park, the city council voted to contribute a load of gravel for the floor of the batting cage at a cost of $800. It was one of three loads needed for the new batting facility. In the monthly council meeting, Drew Shirley spoke on behalf of the Dixie Youth coordinators. “We’ve done a lot up there, but we’ve got a lot to do,” said Shirley. “That will be the center point of this town until about the middle of June. We’ve got a couple of other things we would like to request to help us out and help the city out as well.”

First on the list was the need for two pitching mounds at a cost of $1800 per mound. The pitching mounds are essential if the fields are to be used for tournaments. “Not only do people in Gordo come here to eat and spend their time and spend their money, but people from all over come here,” said Shirley. He added this year was the largest sign-up they had ever had, and that number did not include the kids coming from nearby towns who were unable to host a team this year. Second, further improvement to the batting facility. “We think concrete will work better than the rock at the bottom of the batting cage,” said Shirley. “We would like to do the concrete if the city would be interested in helping with that.” The facility is a 40’ x 70’ building and estimated to cost around $7500 total for the concrete to be added to the floor. “We will also be utilizing the rock that is already there,” Shirley added. He noted the job had not been put out for bids yet, but he offered an estimate of $4000 for the materials to be used as a starting point. The final request was help with the power bill. Shirley stated the bill runs about $8000 a year and anything the council would be willing to do to help would be appreciated.

See complete story in the Pickens County Herald.
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