Aliceville Hosts ASF’s “Much Ado About Nothing”

“Much Ado About Nothing,” was performed on Mar. 15 at the Aliceville Entertainment Complex.


Shakespeare may not seem like it is for everyone, but on Thursday night, Mar. 15, it became available to all ages within our own small community in Aliceville. The Aliceville Museum, Aliceville Library, and the Pickens County Arts Guild hosted the Alabama Shakespeare Festival Touring Group’s performance of the William Shakespeare play, “Much Ado About Nothing,” an Italianate comedy for the ages.

The program was paid for by donations to the Aliceville Arts Guild, and, in this reporter’s humble opinion, was absolutely worth it. Professional actors, who gave it their all, with lots of laughs and even a tear or two, engaged the audience as they performed the classic Shakespearean play of bashful love.

Lots of laughs were to be had, whether you were familiar with the play or not. Seeing Shakespeare performed live by a group of professional actors is much different than reading it out of a book. The inflections and personifications of the characters brought to the forefront of the play (and, it was of course written to be performed) make it all that much more interesting, and available to the masses, even today.

See complete story in the Pickens County Herald.
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