Pickens County Corrections Officer found guilty for sexual abuse

Marquita Booker

A Pickens County correctional officer has been charged with 16 counts of custodial sexual abuse. A recent investigation found evidence of sexual conduct between Pickens County Jail employee Marquita Booker, 28, and an inmate being housed at the Pickens County Jail. She was charged Friday afternoon with 16 counts of custodial sexual abuse and is being held at the Lamar County Jail awaiting bond to be set.

Town of Carrollton Honors Veterans at Memorial Day Ceremony

Carrollton releases balloons to honor Veterans for Memorial Day.

By Donna Bain
Staff Writer

On Wednesday, May 25, 2022, the Town of Carrollton took time during lunch to celebrate Memorial Day at the new Happy Acres Pavilion. The program began with a welcome by Mayor Mickey Walker, a prayer by Brother Jerry Robbins, and the National Anthem, which was sung by Tammy Hall. Patriotic music was played, and veterans were honored for their service.

Citizen asks Commission help to fix road

Citizen asks commissioners about road fix.

By Kandis Snyder
Managing Editor

CARROLLTON-The Pickens County Commission meeting was called to order on May 24, 2022 by Chairman Jerry Fitch. Commissioner Bobby Ingram was not present at the meeting.

Before the call of roll and to approve the agenda, public comments from citizens was made by Marylin Saxton to discuss problems in concerns of the road on Hidden Acres Drive in the area that she lives.

Aliceville Council discusses annexation request for city

Aliceville Council discusses annexation request for city of Alicevile.

By Kandis Snyder
Managing Editor

ALICEVILLE-The Aliceville Council meeting was called to order on May 25, 2022 by Mayor Terrence Windham with all council members present. After the invocation, the council approved the minutes from the previous meeting as presented moving into unfinished business. The first item under unfinished business included a letter made by Attorney John Russell for the trailer parks.

West Alabama Area Agency on Aging hosts Summer Kick-Off Picnic for Seniors

Area Agency on Aging of West Alabama

By Kandis Snyder
Managing Editor

ALICEVILLE-The Area Agency on Aging of West Alabama hosted a Summer Kick-Off Picnic for the senior citizens of Pickens County at the Aliceville City Park. Nikki Poe, Coordinator for the Pickens County area, was over the event. Mayor Terrence Wind- ham of Aliceville and Mayor Melody Davis of Re- form was in attendance as well. Poe has even hosted the picnic in other surrounding counties-Bibb, Fayette, Greene, Hale, Lamar, and Tuscaloosa.

Pickens County Board of Education’s Summer School to begin June 6, 2022

Board of Education discusses the beginning of Summer School.

By Donna Bain
Staff Writer

LADOW-The Pickens County Board of Education held its monthly meeting May 16, 2022. After the in- vocation and the Pledge of Allegiance, the agenda was approved on a motion from Board Member Gene Dawkins and a second from Board Member Dr. John Brandon. The minutes were approved with a motion from Brandon and a second from Dawkins. Payroll was approved with a motion from Board Member Frankie Spencer and a second from Brandon. After a motion from Dawkins and a second from Spencer, the financial reports were approved.

Reform Council proclaims June 7th State Farm Day

Pee Wee Football League Vice-President Alfred Edwards asks Reform Council for help with league.

By Felicity Holman
News Correspondent

REFORM- On May 17, 2022, the Reform City Council meeting was called to order by Councilmember Taggart. Mayor Melody Davis was not in attendance. The council approved the minutes as well as the payables. In new business, Annette Maughan announced that State Farm’s 100th year anniversary would take place on June 7th. In acknowledgment of this, Maughan read a proclamation from the council.

Aliceville Manor Nursing Home Celebrates National Skilled Nursing Care Week

Councilman Robert Wilder, Councilwoman Rebecca Gilliam, Mayor Terrance Windham, Jennifer Carr-Administrator, Council- woman Tayla Ball, Joy Reynolds-Director of Nursing

By Donna bain
Staff Writer

ALICEVILLE-On April 27, 2022, Governor Kay Ivey proclaimed that Na- tional Skilled Nursing Care Week in Alabama would be May 8, 2022, through May 14, 2022. Mayor Terrence Windham issued a Proclamation at Aliceville Manor Nursing Home on Monday, May 9, 2022, making this a week to honor the important role that skilled nursing care centers provide in caring for and protecting our most vulnerable citizens. Several of the city council members were at the nursing home to witness this Proclamation.

Aliceville to begin enforcing regulations for trailer parks

Aliceville Council enforces trailer park regulations.

By Justin Anderson
News Correspondent

ALICEVILLE-The Aliceville City Council held their city council meeting again last Tuesday, May 10th, 2022. This meeting was a special session that was approved in the last council meeting in order to accommodate the council members and mayor who would be attending the Alabama League of Municipalities convention on Wednesday, May 11th.