EMA Hosts Active Shooter Class

Chance Corbett, Associate Director for Emergency Management at Auburn University, gives instructions on how best to survive an active-shooter situation.

Lakitha Bell, Director for the Emergency Management Agency (EMA) in Pickens County, hosted an Active Shooter Class at the Carrollton Service Center, September 27.

BOE Passes 2019 Budget


The 2019 budget for the Pickens County Board of Education was passed at its second mandatory budget meeting the evening of Sept. 10. Before the budget was passed, Chief School Financial Officer Jennifer Shirley presented the finalized budget and informed the board of any changes made since the first budget meeting, held three weeks prior.

Changing the Face of Tomorrow: Part Three

Downer Field Airport in Aliceville is, according to Aliceville Chamber of Commerce Director Edgar Pruitt, underutilized considering the amount of investment which has been made.


For the past two weeks, I have written a series of articles concerning an interview done with the Director of the Aliceville Chamber of Commerce, Edgar Pruitt. Much was discussed during this interview with the outcome a hope for a change in the conversation concerning our communities here in Pickens County and throughout West Alabama. To change the face of tomorrow, we must, as residents, change our conversation from negative to positive, from finger-pointing to stepping up and contributing.

Lack of Federal Funds Postpones County Projects


The Pickens County Commissioners’ meeting on Sept. 11 went smoothly as items on the agenda were announced, motioned, seconded, and approved. At the end of every meeting, each Commissioner is asked if they have any discussion items. District 4 Commissioner Jerry Fitch asked County Engineer, Clint Terry, if the bid for a project on County Road 75 would still be coming in Friday, Sept. 14.

Gordo Proclaims Family Day/Week


At the Gordo City Council meeting, September 10, the mayor read into the minutes a proclamation stating September 24 as Family Day in Gordo, and the week of September 23 – September 29 as Family Week. Citizens are encouraged to join together in observing this day/week by spending time with their families and by engaging in appropriate ceremonies and activities to honor and strengthen both our city’s and state’s families.

The proclamation reads as follows:

Changing the Face of Tomorrow: Part Two


In last week’s issue, the Part One article of “Changing the Face of Tomorrow,” focused more specifically on the local school system and how it is affecting our community as a whole. Part Two of the series focuses on the housing issues within our communities.

After speaking at length with Aliceville Chamber of Commerce Director, Edgar Pruitt, it was quite clear the housing market within our county cannot support the employees for the jobs created or the ones waiting to be created in the county.


A large amount of marijuana and methamphetamine was uncovered and confiscated during a routine traffic stop Sept. 2 in Gordo.

A traffic stop in Gordo, on September 2, at about 8:30 p.m., resulted in the confiscation of a large amount of marijuana, methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia, and two hand guns.

Carrollton Council Passes Budget, Continues Improvements


Budgets are the topic of this month as local towns, cities, and boards prepare for the new fiscal year. Carrollton is no exception.

After some deliberation, members of the Carrollton Town Council voted to give a five percent raise to the town’s department heads and authorized Mayor Mickey Walker to handle other raises as he sees fit. “You earn it, I’ll give it to you,” said Walker.

Changing the Face of Tomorrow: Part One

Edgar Pruitt, Director of Aliceville’s Chamber of Commerce, is utilizing his talents and connections to revitalize the community.


In an interview with the director of Aliceville’s Chamber of Commerce, Edgar Pruitt, our mutual love of our county and how we can improve it, how we can promote it, how we can change the downward spiral we seem to be on, is the number one concern. The closure and reconfigurations of our county schools and the issues that seem to face the community in the face of new social concepts and the occurrence of new business but no economic boost, is troubling.

Aliceville Nursing Home Wins Customer Satisfaction Excellence in Action Award

Aliceville Manor Nursing Home is one of 15 Alabama Nursing Home Association members to win the Customer Satisfaction Excellence in Action Award from NRC Health.

This honor, awarded exclusively to NRC Health post-acute clients, recognizes organizations that achieve the highest overall resident or employee satisfaction scores in the NRC Health database–the largest source of long-term care and senior-living satisfaction metrics in the nation.”