Pellet plant celebrates 365 days accident free

Pinnacle Renewable Energy celebrated 365 days of no workplace accidents on Wednesday, March 13th.


Pinnacle Renewable Energy plant celebrated safety last Wednesday evening, inviting all employees and several members of the community to partake in a cookout at the plant on Highway 17. The celebration was called for, as the plant had gone 365 days with no workplace accidents. General Manager Ritu Linhart introduced each of the team leaders, managers, and employees and recognized them for their role in achieving this milestone. The plant achieved the milestone on January 21st and has remained accident free since then, as well.

People of Pickens: Jeanette Filpi

Jeanette Filpi


Jeanette Filpi recently moved to Pickens County to serve as the CEO of the Pickens County Medical Center. Filpi has been in Pickens County for just over two weeks now and is looking to make a difference at the PCMC and in the local community. She sat down with Pickens County Herald Editor Brian Hamilton for the inaugural publication of ‘People of Pickens’.


Q: How did you end up hearing about the PCMC opportunity?

Aliceville Council: Chief wants storage fee in police department fund


Mayor Marva Gipson was out last meeting due to sickness, but two meetings ago Police Chief Tonnie Jones asked Gipson and the council about the possibility of storing vehicles in the gated lot by the police department for a small storage free, to be deposited into the police department’s fund. This discussion was brought up again during the Aliceville council on Wednesday, March 13th.

Everett Owens named Aliceville Citizen of the Year

Everett Owens is awarded the Citizen of the Year award by Donny Sanders at the Aliceville Chamber Banquet last Tuesday night.


Everett Owens was named Aliceville’s Citizen of the Year for 2018 at the Aliceville Chamber of Commerce banquet last Tuesday.

“I’m very humble, very thankful, and very appreciative, but I’m also aware that this has not been done just by me alone,” Owens said.

“I have a wonderful support system and surprisingly they’re all here tonight. I know you’ve all heard the old saying that ‘Behind every successful man, there stands a woman, rolling her eyes’,” Owens joked.

Gordo Council: City to enter partnership with Dixie Youth board


The Gordo City Council began their meeting on Monday, March 4th by listening to a proposal by Shawn McDaniel of the Gordo Dixie Youth board. The proposal asked the council to consider the board and city working together in a partnership to raise money to renovate the fields.

“What we’re asking is that if we raise $50,000, that the city, being a city park, and holding that responsibility, would the city park be willing to come that, to raise $50,000?”

Mayor: ‘Fuel tax could be good thing for Carrollton’


The Carrollton council began on Thursday, March 7th by discussing a surplus of an old 1-ton pickup truck. Mayor Mickey Walker said he would like for the city to either trade or sell the pickup. Walker said there was also a surplus on an old Army fifth-wheel truck that the council needed to make a motion to trade or sell.